Commercial HVAC and Refrigeration Services


Whatever commercial refrigeration unit you have, whether it's a rack system or a small unit, HX Refrigeration will be able to install and provide top-notch repair services with the utmost industry standards. With our team's over 20 years of experience in refrigeration equipment installation, you'll never need to worry about getting the best service for your business Maintenance.


Taking initial steps to prevent a refrigeration system breakdown is crucial to keep your business running and reducing the number of service calls. That’s why HX Refrigeration offers a dedicated preventative maintenance program to help owners and managers save time and money and ensure your commercial refrigeration systems are running properly and efficiently.

Walk In Cooler & Freezer

Here at HX Refrigeration, we offer top-quality walk-in freezers and coolers. We pay closer attention to the overall heat transfer factor, insulation material, and unit size to ensure minimal heat loss, which helps our customers save on their energy bills. In addition to our indoor options, we also offer outdoor and custom-built walk-ins with insulated floors. You can always count on us to deliver quality work and materials that are guaranteed to last, including our heating and air conditioning services.

Self Contained Units

Self-contained units, including commercial refrigerators, are commonly used in supermarkets and restaurants. HX Refrigeration can help customers with refrigeration needs to make sure their units are working properly and maintain the proper core temperature of the product.

Refrigeration Rack Systems

Our professional engineers and technicians are very experienced in repairing and installing refrigeration racks for supermarkets, restaurants and hospitals. We have decades of experience in maintaining parallel rack systems, cascade, protocols and chillers. We make sure to utilize the newest technologies, including digital controls that last longer and save money. HX Refrigeration takes pride in every customer that we honor to serve at your time, anytime a day, 24/7.

Energy Management Solutions

Our control engineers are highly skilled and certified to work on building automation systems (BAS) and energy management for commercial refrigeration and HVAC. HX Refrigeration can help clients design and build custom DDC panels for their facility that ensure energy conservation and optimal operation and save them money. We implement the newest technologies in controlling refrigeration circuits, racks, air handling units, chillers, control valves, water pumps, and VAV boxes.


HX Refrigeration is a full commercial HVAC and refrigeration company servicing San Diego and surrounding cities, specializing in HVAC repairs and installation. The knowledge and expertise of our team in HVAC repairs and installation are second to none. We always ensure that your HVAC needs in repairs and installation are exceeded by our cooling specialists' top-quality service. We are always quick to respond and provide 24/7 support for both HVAC-R repairs and HVAC-R installation to get your business back on its feet.